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GLOBAL CONFLICTS OF INTEREST: Employees routinely face situations that can create a potential conflict of interest, where divided loyalties may affect their ability to make impartial decisions on behalf of their employer. Inappropriate resolution of these conflicts can result in direct financial loss to the organization, as well as the erosion of an organization's ethical culture and a damaged reputation.
A Manager's Guide to Diversity
A MANAGER'S GUIDE TO DIVERSITY, INCLUSION & ACCOMMODATION: Discover the challenges and barriers to inclusion in the workplace, and learn about recognizing discrimination and bullying.
MAINTAINING A COHESIVE MULTIGENERATIONAL WORKFORCE: To manage a multigenerational team, you need to understand the diversity of your employees and apply various strategies to divert conflict between them. Learn about the generational differences in approaches to work and communication. Ensure your team members feel included, respected, and supported.
DIVERSITY ON THE JOB: This course focuses on how to leverage the diversity that exists within the organization. This course also discusses the barriers and challenges that must be overcome in order to create a diversified working environment.

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AllMyHR™ gives you a dedicated team of experts who help you navigate HR issues and stay compliant.

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AllMyHR™ gives you a dedicated team of experts who help you navigate HR issues & Professional tools to keep you compliant.

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300+ Manager and Employee Training Courses with Certifications. Unlimited Employee Certifications.

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Our credentialed HR Experts have 15+ years experience and are available 12 hours a day. Unlimited support for all 50 states.

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Effortless Employee Handbook creation. Our Living Employee Handbook is quick to create and can be shared electronically or printed. Update alerts are satisfied with a click of a button.

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Build Professional Job Descriptions faster than ever. Easily and accurately calculate Salaries. Set up state & local law alerts. Join Recertification Webinars on today's topics...and much more!

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Thousands of up-to-date tools, documents, checklists, forms, news and information at your fingertips. AllMyHR™ ensures your business will never worry about compliance again.

AllMyHR is a goldmine for any Human Resources practitioner! The system has everything right at the click of a mouse. The trainings available on the site are intelligent and well considered. Additionally, the compliance calendar, employee handbook creator, and 12-hour advisors are second to none.

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