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$75 / year

Our System helps you create your required Compliance Documents with ease. tryHRIS gives you one year of updating ability and 30 days of HR Advisor Support Line for all your compliance questions.

Our System guides you through your Wrap Doc creation with a series of easy questions, building your document as you go. Typically a business wrap document can be completed in under an hour. tryHRIS also gives you one year of update access, so you’ll stay compliant with ease. Additionally, we understand compliance documents usually come with business questions so to provide you the highest level of support, you receive 30 days of HR Advisor Support Line for all your HR questions.

More About Wrap Documents:

Wrap Documents are now required by ERISA, to ensure all employee’s receiving benefits understand fully what their benefits include. Summary Plan Documents (or SPDs) rarely meet these requirements. These documents do have employer benefits, including saving money and time during tax season. Employers with an up to date Wrap doc in place will only file one form 5500, instead of one form 5500 for each health and welfare benefit offered.

Employers without an up to date Wrap Doc in place may face penalties from the Department of Labor (DOL) and ERISA. These fines range from $110-$152 for every day they fail to provide the required document to the requesting source.

So get compliant and stay compliant easily with tryHRIS.

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