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A Living Employee Handbook That’s Always Compliant

An employee handbook does more than define company policy. It keeps your business compliant, your employees informed and more importantly, it defines and reinforces your Company Culture.
Our Living Handbook Builder allows you to effortlessly create a compliant handbook. You receive real time alerts whenever Federal, or State laws change, and you update with the click of a button.
We Streamline the entire Employee Handbooks process!

Fast & Easy

With AllMyHR’s Living Handbook Builder, you can complete a fully compliant Federal and State Handbook in less than an hour!

Muti-State and Spanish Available

Handbooks covering employees in several states have different requirements and availability of Spanish versions have been ruled necessary in several court rulings.

Always Compliant

You are automatically notified of every Federal and State compliance change that affect your handbook. Update your Handbook at the click of a button!

The Perfect Solution

Have everything you need without the high cost of an attorney and legal fees. Save time, eliminate stress, and avoid possible litigation!

Living Handbook


No Setup Fee
Streamline the entire employee handbook process!

Multi-lingual or Multi-state support are not included. If you need these services, contact us to let us know.

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Compliance regulations can differ based on number of employees.

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