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Purchase POP & Wrap Documents

$145 / year

Our System gives you the ability to update your documents for one year from date of purchase. Additionally, we give you access to our HR Advisor Support Line included for 30 days. If you have any questions while creating your documents (or for any HR questions) you’ll receive the highest quality support available.

Our HRIS System helps you create your Premium Only Plan and Wrap Documents effortlessly. Answer a few questions and the system will automatically generate your documents. Ability to update or change your documents for one year from date of purchase.

WRAP Document:

Essential for ERISA compliance.

Avoid penalties.

Fill out only one Form 5500 at tax time.

Changes to Employee Benefits Require Document Updating.

Usually created in less than 1 hour with our system.


POP Document:

Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

Allows for pre-tax payments

Saves you and your employees money

Usually created in 30 minutes or less with our system


We know remaining compliant can lead to questions, so as a courtesy, tryHRIS gives you 30 days of our HR Advisor Support Line. Receive expert HR advice and support while creating your documents.

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