Employee Handbook

Creating a Company handbook has never been easier. Our drag and drop builder with fluid templates allow you to quickly create an organized handbook and then print or distribute electronically. Our handbook builder provides you with real time alerts when regulations change and one click updates for an entire year, so you stay compliant with little effort. Included with your Employee Handbook, tryHRIS provides your business with 30 days of HR Advisor Support. If you have compliance questions, you have certified HR professionals to turn to for the highest level of support possible.




Employee Handbooks are the pillar for company policy, though creating or updating one can seem like a daunting task. tryHRIS Company Handbook builder uses drag and drop technology to quickly create the perfect handbook quickly and sends you update alerts when regulation changes render your handbook non-compliant. With simple one click updates, our system takes you to the exact issue and gives you the ability to apply changes or edits  your own to remain compliant in under a minute. After creating, you can print or share your handbook electronically.

Additionally, creating company policy, guidelines and structure can feel overwhelming, especially if you have questions or are starting from scratch. For this reason, tryHRIS provides you the highest level of support available; our HR Advisor Support Line included for 30 days.


If your company requires a Spanish Employee Handbook or Multi-State Handbook, these are available for an additional fee. Please contact our office at (888) 424-4842 for a quote.


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