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10 Reasons Why Successful Companies Use an Employee Handbook Builder

1. time is essential

Coorporate will tell you anyone in HR will have a job description a mile long. HR positions can closely relate to therapists, employment lawyers, compliance experts, accountants, and let’s be honest, daycare providers.

Just kidding. Sort of. 

One thing is certain, time is not their friend. With so many projects and issues to handle every day, anything that can be streamlined should be streamlined. Every company worth it’s weight has a handbook, and when HR has to create a handbook, or update a seriously out of date one, using an Employee Handbook Builder instead of a template saves days of work. It also keeps everything digital for faster updating and reference. 

2. Automatic Compliance Updates

Keeping your handbook in compliance means editing your company handbook every time an employment law changes on a Federal, State, local or industry level. That’s a lot for your office manager or HR Person to keep up with. Depending on your location in the U.S, they could be looking at 2-20 changes every month. Depending on the handbook builder, these edits could go from hours of responsibility to an electronic system keep up with it for them.

(Not all builders are built the same, please ask about this feature or a free trial before purchasing.)

3. Editing is a breeze

In this digital age, keeping a handbook in an editable file is as simple as using Word. But Word won’t tell you when a policy is no longer compliant. This handbook builder will though. 

4. Policy Creation

No one relishes the day they have to create and implement new HR policies. Most of those in HR dread them. Researching, formatting and writing and possibly running it past the company lawyer for a sizable cost, can all be a headache. Not to mention implementing into company culture, obtaining employees signatures, and answering everyones questions.

Can you imagine your handbook writing these instead? Just a simple search and there’s an ERISA-Attorney approved policy to customize. It can’t chase down Warehouse John and make him sign it, but it can make the policy creation itself much more pleasant.

Your company may or may not have yet implemented a policy against creating employee nicknames. 

5. Electronic Signatures

So I lied. Some handbook builders do come with extra features, like electronic signatures, so it does actually chase down Warehouse John… digitally. If he hasn’t signed it, your office manager can just keep hitting send until he gives in and complies. Which makes compliance much easier on everyone. 

This feature may not be available for all builders, or may incur an additional cost. 

6. recordkeeping

“Is our handbook up to date? Who updated it and when was the last update? What was updated? Was everyone notified?”

Imagine a dashboard that keeps pristine records of every update without effort. 

7. Environmentally Friendly

Besides being HR Person friendly, having your handbook accessible digitally is environmentally friendly. And who isn’t on board with that?  

8. Makes Compliance Easy

All of a sudden, your handbook becomes its own compliance expert hands-free. A good employee handbook builder will help you build your handbook. A great handbook builder will update itself. And the latter can sometimes even cost less. Besides featuring automatic compliance updates, this particular handbook builder will alert your staff when policies are out of compliance. A few clicks is all it takes to get your handbook back in shape again. Sure beats paying for hours and hours for your HR person to research and update manually. 

9. Multistate Options

For companies with multiple state locations, compliance can prove incredibly difficult. Great handbook builders come with additional features, such as multi-state compliance options. I’ve had to use this feature for a few clients, and I’ll break down how easy this makes it by outlining the extra steps your HR Person will need to take.

Additional step one: Add the extra states. 

That’s it.

This handbook builder finds the necessary compliance for each state based on the number of employees present, city locations, industry and a few other specifications. They create one handbook, it breaks it into the number of states you’ve selected. Streamlined.

(This feature may not be available for all builders, or may incur an extra cost.)

10. Cost

If you’ve read this far, you are most likely really curious about what handbook builders cost companies. We’ve seen some HR companies sell just a simple handbook template for $50-$200. 

And many in HR will pay that not knowing there’s a better way.

The Employee Handbook Builder I referenced in the posts above, costs only $225 a year. That’s less than the two workdays it would take your staff to create one from scratch. I was skeptical, too. You can book a quick appointment to see how it works or check out a video tutorial

Better yet, for $99 a month a self-updating handbook could be the icing on the cake. Check out how you can get employee training, a Professional HR Team and much more free for two full weeks. 

If you decide you’d rather have them begin from scratch and spend days on a tedious project, at least take this handbook template free

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