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HR Scorecard

Is your organization receiving the support it needs? Choose the number that best represents your company’s current situation for each paired statement. Select 1 if it mostly relates to the statement on the left, and 5 if it most closely relates to the statement on the right.

How do you currently make informed HR decisions?

We spend time researching and/or money on attorneys to obtain answers to important HR questions.
We have a trusted team of HR experts we can call to obtain fast, accurate answers to all HR and compliance questions.
How confident are you with your current hiring practices?

Hiring new employees is a challenge; we lack a repeatable process and supervisors are not adequately trained on hiring practices.
We utilize best practices, hiring, retention, onboarding, and our supervisors are adequately trained on hiring practices.
Are you up to date on the Federal and State employment laws?

We lack the resources to keep pace with the changing employment laws on the federal level and in the states we operate.
We’re knowledgeable about and compliant with Federal and State employment laws in the states where we operate.
How prepared are you for a DOL (Department of Labor) Audit?

We are not prepared for a DOL audit.
We are adequately prepared for a DOL audit at any time.
How optimized are your employee training programs?

Training and development programs are needed, but we do not currently have the resources to deliver to every employee.
Required training and development programs are established for every employee and are running well.
Do your HR policies and practices leave you exposed to non-compliance or other issues?

We’re uncertain where we have exposures related to our HR policies and practices.
We have completed an HR audit and have resolved areas of exposures related to our policies and practices.
How comprehensive or up-to-date is your current employee handbook?

We do not have an employee handbook, or it is not reviewed regularly for state and federal updates.
A signed copy of the employee handbook has been distributed to every employee and is monitored for state and federal updates.
How thorough are your job descriptions and recruiting tools?

We do not have written job descriptions for each position in our organization.
We have a job description customization tool to improve recruiting, performance management, disability accommodation and return-to-work analyses.
How well are you able to measure, assess, and document employee performance?

We do not have a formal procedure to evaluate employee performance.
We have a documented employee performance management process to improve productivity and performance.
How well are you prepared to handle formal employee complaints?

We do not have a formal procedure to investigate employee complaints, such as harassment claims.
Employees have been notified of our formal process for investigating employee complaints and/or harassment claims and managers are trained regarding their roles in the process.

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