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District of Columbia

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D.C. Code § 32-1306.1

EMPLOYERS: as of 2019

Employers of tipped employees must train all:

Business owners, managers, and tipped employees.


The training must include:

Employers of tipped workers must provide a sexual harassment training course — either developed by the D.C. Office of Human Rights (OHR) or presented by an OHR-certified provider — as follows:

• Each employee must receive in-person or online training within 90 days of employment, unless the employee has participated in training within the past two years.

• Current employees must receive in-person or online training within two years after the training requirement goes into effect.

• Owners and operators must receive in-person or online training every two years.

• Managers must receive in-person training every two years.

Important: The OHR has not released any regulations or other formal guidance (model training course) on the format and content of the training or a list of certified providers.

Note: The District of Columbia also requires training on the Minimum Wage Act.

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