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Regs. Conn. Agencies §§ 46a-54-200 – 46a54-207

EMPLOYERS: as of 2019

Employers with three or more employees must provide:

  • Training to all employees.
  • Existing employees within one year of October 1, 2019.
  • Employees hired on or after October 1, 2019, within six months of the employee’s hire date.

Employers with less than three employees must provide training to:

  • Existing supervisors within one year of October 1, 2019.
  • New supervisors within six months of assuming a supervisory position; or
  • Supervisors hired on or after October 1, 2019, within six months of the supervisor’s hire date.


The training must:

• Describe all federal and Connecticut statutory provisions prohibiting sexual harassment in the workplace, including, but not limited to, the Connecticut discriminatory employment practices statute.

• Define sexual harassment.

• Discuss the types of conduct that may constitute unlawful sexual harassment, including the fact that the harasser or the victim of harassment may be either a man or woman and can involve individuals of the same or opposite sex.

• Describe the remedies available in sexual harassment cases, including cease and desist orders, hiring, promotion, reinstatement, compensatory damages, and back pay.

• Advise employees that individuals that commit acts of sexual harassment may be subject to both civil and criminal penalties.

• Discuss strategies to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

How Often is Harassment Training Required in CT?

Format & Duration

The training must:

• Be at least two hours.

• Be conducted in a classroom-like setting.

• Use clear and understandable language.

• Be in a format that allows participants to ask questions and receive answers.


The employer may use individuals employed by the employer or other individuals that agree to provide the required training, with or without compensation.


Covered employers must provide periodic supplemental training to supervisory and nonsupervisory employees at least every 10 years.


The CHRO encourages employers to maintain training records for the later of either:

• One year; or

• If a discriminatory practice complaint is filed involving an employee the employer trained, until the complaint is finally resolved.

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