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Online Harassment Training

Harassment Training is mandatory in many states, but for every employer, it is one of the wisest precautions you can implement to protect your company from costly litigation.

AllMyHR provides effective, easy to administer, inexpensive harassment courses for all 50 states. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The average Harassment lawsuit takes between 6-19 months to settle and the average associated cost is approximately $_______ . Implementing a formal harassment awareness program is an employer’s most important defense against these costly, time-consuming lawsuits. Every prudent employer should take a proactive position, protect your employees and your company harassment training.

Seminars are an option but getting every employee together at one time can be difficult. New hires create another difficulty. AllMyHR’s LMS system is extremely easy to administer: Simply load your employees email addresses into the system, select the course to be completed (there are typically managers courses and employee courses), the required completion date and your done. When successfully completed, the system will automatically generate a Certificate of Completion for the employees file and yours. Our clients give AllMyHR an A+ for Ease of Administration!

Our hat is off to you regarding the past incident which was resolved! Our position is that many individuals aren’t aware that their actions are considered harassment. Effective training illustrates what is considered harassment, and it legitimately demonstrates the negative affects it can have on their co-workers. The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure” rings true when discussing the need for Harassment Training. 

Indeed, your company handbook should take that position…however in a court of law? It is only one of the items the attorneys will collect as evidence during litigation. An employer that can demonstrate they have taken the necessary steps to make sure employees and managers understand the harm harassment creates and the actions that are considered harassment will have a much stronger defense. This is another reason the individual Certificates of Completion are so important for employers.

We have a total of 49 Harassment Courses and regardless of the topic, (i.e. Sexual Harassment, Bullying in the workplace, Unconscious Bias etc.), there is always an English and Spanish version available. 

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