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I have employees that are parents working from home and they seem stressed to meet deadlines at times. What can I do to make their workday easier and help alleviate that pressure?

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If you’re managing employees who are parents or caregivers, be compassionate and flexible. You’re in this together for the long haul, and you’ll get better engagement, focus, and commitment by trusting them to manage the demands on their time and attention.

Advise your employees to do the following when working from home:

  • Let go of the conventional wisdom of keeping the “normal” office day structure.
  • Don’t wait for children to wander in during calls or meetings. Find the right opportunity to invite them in, so you can describe what you’re doing and why. It’s great learning for them and sensitizes them to how their behavior might affect you.
  • Schedule extra breaks to be with children (on both your schedule and theirs), whether it be for lunch, walks, or helping with their schoolwork.