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How can we make sure our online Employee training is effective?

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Online Employee Training can be a useful tool for developing talent, but they can also end up being a waste of time and resources, even if the content and presentation are good. The difference between effective and ineffective training often comes down to whether employees are able to absorb and retain the information they receive.

There are obstacles to absorption and retention of training. Busy employees may listen to a webinar while they work on other things, catching only tidbits here and there; or they may put a training video off until they’ve finished a project and are too exhausted to give it due attention.

To avoid these training pitfalls, consider these three tips:

The Neuro Leadership Institute argues that we learn quickly and retain information best when:

  • we focus on one topic (attention),
  • we actively connect what we learn to what we already know (generation)
  • we experience positive feelings while learning (emotion)
  • space our intake of information (spacing)

For example, cramming training on multiples topics into a tight two-day workshop would be much less effective than spreading that training out over a few weeks. Give employees time to reflect and practice the skills they’ve learned.

In some professions, like music and athletics, you spend most of your work time learning, building, and reinforcing skills before the big performance. Whether it’s a concert, game, or race, good performance necessitates constant practice. In most professions, practice seems like a luxury you can’t afford because you’re expected to be performing during your work time. This is one reason training fails to deliver desired results. To master new skills, employees need time to focus on building those skills. This means some work time needs to be set aside post-training for them to engage and practice what they’ve learned.

Align training with the present needs and future goals of both the company and the employee. When assessing online employee training goals, consider what additional knowledge and skills will enable them to do their jobs better now, but also set them up for success in their future career. Employees are more likely to be excited by and personally invested in their training if they see there is a personal return on their investment. It is the perceived personal value of training, that encourages its success.

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