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An employee recently had a heart attack during his shift at our facility. Is a heart attack considered a work-related injury and can be claimed on Workers Compensation?

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Since it sounds like the incident may have taken place on company premises, it is possible that it could potentially be covered under workers’ compensation so we would recommend that you reach out to your third-party workers’ compensation insurance carrier for guidance.

In general, injuries that arise out of or in the course of an employee’s employment are considered to be work-related. For the determination of workers’ compensation eligibility, an employer’s premises, including parking lots, would be considered within the zone of employment. If an employee was injured at work in the course of a heart attack while at work (such as falling and hitting their head) then it may be covered, An employee would have to apply for such a benefit and your third party insurance provider would then determine their eligibility.

We would recommend that you follow the procedures for an injury at work and let your third-party workers’ compensation insurance carrier determine whether or not it would be determined to be workers’ compensation. Even if an employee has not missed time for an injury the company may potentially need to cover the initial medical expenses.