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Living Handbook Builder

When Was Your Employee Handbook Last Updated?

If your company handbook hasn’t been updated in the last 6 months, it’s outdated.

Ditch the template. We make staying compliant easier than ever with our Living Handbook Builder.

  • Drag-and-Drop Content
  • Update Alerts
  • One-Click Compliance

Living Handbook Builder

With our Living Handbook Builder, you'll never worry about compliance again.

Our Handbook Builder Benefits:

Our Handbook builder automatically builds out your handbook based on industry. With Drag and Drop technology and complete editing control, you can have your entire handbook done within an hour. 

Our builder provides each section with HR Expert and Attorney written, industry specific content. Edit, add or delete sections as necessary to customize to your business. 

When laws or regulations change and require you to update, our system will send you an update alert. In the dashboard of your handbook builder, you will see a red flag. Simply click the red flag to be taken to the exact content that requires updating. Additionally, our builder provides you with the content that will bring your handbook compliant once again. Edit, Approve or Deny with a single click. 

After your handbook is complete, simply choose to send to your employees electronically or print for reference. 

When you build your handbook, we provide updates for a full 12 months. If you would like to continue the updates for additional years, you have the option to do so at a low cost per additional year.

*All updates will be processed and delivered as long as your membership is maintained.

If your company requires a Spanish Translated Handbook or one for Multi-States, please contact us at (888) 484-4842 to discuss your exact needs and cost. 

An employee handbook does more than define company policy and code of conduct. It serves as a complete business outline, keeping your business compliant and your employees informed, as long as you keep it updated.

Forget the template headaches and manual updates. Our Living Handbook Builder helps you create your handbook effortlessly, update as necessary, and you’ll receive real time alerts when laws change.

Complete with Attorney written content, customized to your exact industry and state. Creating a handbook has never been easier.

Our tools are designed to streamline your workday.

Schedule a Demo and see how AllMyHR works for you.