A Monthly Membership

$99.00 / month

Provide your business unlimited Human Resource tools, training and support it needs to remain compliant. Your toughest HR questions can now be handled by credentialed experts by phone, chat or email. The interactive employee training will help your employees learn and become more productive. Your employee handbook can be beautifully built in a short time and with one click compliance updates, you’ll never worry about handbook compliance again. tryHRIS is a full HRIS System and HR App for convenient business solutions wherever you are.

  • Easy to Navigate Cloud-Based HRIS System and HR App
  • 300+ Interactive Employee Training Courses complete with Completion Certificates for compliance.
  • HR Advisor Support Line, all PHR, SHRM, SPHR Credentialed. Available 11 Hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • HR Conversation Text Translations to email and your Membership Dashboard, for convenient reference.
  • Employee Handbook Builder with real-time regulations alerts and one-click compliance solution.
  • Regulatory Compliance Documents Builder, easy POP and Wrap Creations and updates.
  • Regulatory Compliance Database; real-time updates for all forms, policies, information, templates, spreadsheets and more.
  • Compliance Calendar with One Click Forms
  • Job Description Builder, State By State law Comparisons & and other tools.
  • Full Webinar Library with Attorney, Chief Knowledge Officer, and Highly Credentials HR Expert Speakers.
  • Continuing HR Credit Webinars Quarterly for HCRI and SHRM Recertification

Monthly Renewal. *30 Day Money Back Guarantee voided with completion of Employee Handbook, Employee Training Course or Benefit Documents (POP/WRAP).

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  1. Shamika P.

    TryHRIS is an amazing program. We recently updated some company policies in our employee handbook with the “Living Handbook” program which made it easy and painless. What would’ve taken us a week to make sure we dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s only took us 2 days. It’s made a tedious part of my job enjoyable.

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